Maui Maine Coons



Maine Coon kittens pet quality are  $1,200. Show quality are $1600.  This includes the spay/neuter, microchip, first two shots, flea and worm prophylaxis.  Second kittens are 30% off.

Breeding quality  will only be sold outside of the state of Hawaii.  New breeders will be mentored and required to follow the standards for reputable breeders.   Please contact Kokuakats if you are interested in breeding. 

Why are pure bred cats so expensive? Kokuakats ensures healthy kittens with genetic testing and cardiac ultrasounds on the adults, good quality food with vitamins, veterinary care, health insurance, registration, immunizations, spay or neuter and flea and worm prophylaxis.  We bring in new lines from the Mainland and New Zealand to ensure a healthy breeding program. 

The cost of importing a cat or dog to Hawaii is ~ $1,000.00 for airport release in addition to the cost of the pet.