Welcome to Kokuakats Maui Maine Coons. We are a small cattery located on the island of Maui and specialize in highly socialized raised underfoot Maine Coon cats.  Our cats are pure bred, CFA registered.  We have red, silver and brown lines.  Kittens are ready for their new homes at 12 weeks of age.  Kittens will be microchipped.  All of our adults are negative for the HCM gene (hypertrophic cardiac myopathy) and PKD gene (polycystic kidney disease)  Spay and neuter are required prior to going to their new homes.   Please kokua; all photographs are copyrighted and you must ask permission to use. Kokuakats@aol.com or call 808-572-3590. We are currently taking reservations with a deposit of $200.00. 

Our breeding philosophy includes breeding kittens from different lines to improve the overall health of the kittens.  We produce well-tempered kittens with a large build, shaggy coats and large expressive eyes.  Some of our kittens are more heavily furred; others have a lighter coat which can be advantageous in the tropical climate of Hawaii.   All of our Queens and kittens live in the main house - they are a part of the family and receive daily attention as we are home nearly all the time.  The Toms have two large kenneled areas on the farm to enjoy and receive daily attention.  We welcome visitors to Kokuakats farm and you will likely go home with an assortment of organic vegetables and fruit. 

Kokuakats participates in the CFA cat shows three times a year and we boast Grand Champions,  Champions and Regional winners.  Haiku has been on the Pet Hui as well as in a cat commercial.   Knight  - from Kokuakats received "Best cat in Hawaii in Premiership" two years in a row.  Congratulations Knight!

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